PhoneMagic 1.55

The Address Book replacement that's pure magic!

Breathe new life into your Address Book with PhoneMagic, the Address Book replacement that's pure magic! Featuring DateBk5 Integration, and Optimized for the Treo 600, PhoneMagic has the familiar look and feel of the built-in Address Book, but adds many new and innovative features.

These are the secrets of PhoneMagic:

Phone Book Reminders

When PhoneMagic looks into the crystal ball, you'll know exactly who to call, and when! You can set reminders for specific records in your Phone Book. At the time you specify, an alarm will sound, and the details of the specified record will be displayed.

Insert an Event into the Date Book

Transform a contact into an event and have it appear in the Date Book! You can insert an event into the Date Book without exiting PhoneMagic.

Pop-Up Activation

Now you see it - now you don't! PhoneMagic can appear at anytime, and then vanish into thin air! You can pop-up PhoneMagic without exiting the application that is running.

Virtual Links to the Address Book

Use PhoneMagic's telepathic powers, and presto - your contacts will magically float over your screen! With PhoneMagic, you can create virtual links from any application to records in your Address Book.

Recent Number Management

When you open PhoneMagic, the contacts you use the most will materialize right before your eyes! Each time you run PhoneMagic, the phone numbers looked up most recently, will be displayed at the top of your phone number list.

Smart Lookup

PhoneMagic will read your mind, and will pull the right name out of a hat - every time! Using Smart Lookup, you can lookup records based on the First Name, Last Name, or Company Name.

Stylus Free Lookup

With PhoneMagic's sleight of hand, you can look up names faster than ever before - no magic wand required! Use your finger to tap the buttons and quickly find a name.

Touch-Tone Dialing

Using PhoneMagic as your medium, make contact with people - without making contact with your phone! Use PhoneMagic to dial phone numbers on any Touch-Tone phone.

Color Scheme Management

Sprinkle your Palm with pixie dust and watch your contacts burst into color! PhoneMagic supports color on all Palm OS devices that support color. You can display PhoneMagic in the colors of your choice.

DateBk5 Integration

The magnetic attraction between PhoneMagic and DateBk5 is so strong that they cannot be separated! PhoneMagic provides seamless integration with DateBk5. When you are running DateBk5, you can use PhoneMagic to lookup records for linking, and you can use PhoneMagic to dial a number from a linked record.

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PhoneMagic 1.55

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